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NEF Co-ordinators Meeting

In an effort to ensure a fruitful academic year, Xavier Academy recently organized a NEF Coordinators Meeting to finalize the Annual Lesson Plan for the academic year 2080/81. The meeting took place at the picturesque venue of Himalaya Drisha, Dhulikhel.

The esteemed guest for the event was none other than Dr. Mahashram Sharma, whose expertise in the field of education added great value to the discussions. The meeting was attended by subject teachers from various colleges affiliated with the NEF umbrella.

The purpose of the meeting was to collaborate and develop a comprehensive and well-structured lesson plan that caters to the needs of the students and aligns with the academic standards set by NEF.

Xavier Academy takes pride in hosting such important events that contribute to the enhancement of teaching and learning practices, ultimately benefiting the students' educational journey.


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