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Mahasangram 2023

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Xavier Academy in collaboration with Debate Network Nepal organized the 8th edition of Mahasangram 2023, from 4 - 7 August 2023.

XA Mahasangram is a British debating model program held every year in collaboration with Debate Network Nepal. Debate has been of the most highlighted programs of all the ECAs and CCAs activities in XA. Students of Grade XI & XII are groomed on a regular basis by Team DNN and XA alumni group. This grooming is done to enhance the debating, refuting, negotiating skills of the students. This continuous effort has yielded a good outcome where our students have polished their oratory skills.

The initial round of the Mahasangram was conducted at XA premises 56 teams comprising of 112 debaters, including 2 debaters from IIT Bombay, participated in the tournament, adjudicated by 32 foreign and national adjudicators. 11 Organizing Committee members and 31 volunteers worked very closely with to make this it one of the largest debate tournaments in Nepal.

All the participants presented their arguments and counter arguments brilliantly and portrayed their oratory skills. Team IIT Bombay-SN (Sharun Nikesh G and Nayantara R) emerged victorious in the open category, while Team "21 Din me Paisa Double" (Sashwot Thapa and Puraskar Luitel) were crowned novice champions of the tournament. Mr. Sujal Khadka received the Best Adjudicator award, and both speakers from IIT-B SN jointly secured the Best Speakers award in the open category. Sashwot Thapa was honored as the novice best speaker of the tournament.

The Grand Finalists of the open category were Team IIT Bombay-SN, Team Dynamic Duo (Prasamsha Khadka and Aayuska Dhakal), Team Wakalat (Sparsh Adhikari and Rijan Shrestha), and Team Tanu and Addu (Adriza Aryal and Tanusha Mahara). The Finalists of the Novice Category were Team "21 Din me Paisa Double", Bears (Jeshneya Sherchan and Sushim Poudel), Noob Winners (Vinit Baral and Kaushal Ghimire), and Team Oatmeal (Unnati Uprety and Ashmita Neupane).


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