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Junior Business Journalist Competition

Management Students learn business not only through theoretical knowledge but learn better through observation and understanding. Our Business Studies teacher, Mr. Hariom Gupta, took the onus of teaching his students business through project activities. The students were told to collect information through secondary source of information and also through research. The students had prepared research questions, found business houses, spoke to entrepreneurs and business heads. They created reports based on their findings and responses to the research questions and information they could collect during their project duration. The Junior Business Journalist Competition curated especially for Grade XII Management students was appraised on two areas - Inspirational Stories and Creative Video Editing Skills.

The focus on the business' Unique Selling Point, the challenges faced and the way forward to business expansion. The students video graphed the interview sessions, formatted information in their presentation slides and presented the same to their fellow mates. This was done in the presence of their Principal - Ms. Rashmi Sharma Mainali, Vice-Principal - Mr. Prakash Shrestha, Management Coordinator - Mr. Pushkar Shrestha and their subject facilitator - Mr. Hari Om Gupta. Other teachers were also present to witness the presentation. during their interviews sessions and made them into a presentation which they presented in front of the students and judges.

The students showcased their presentation skills and were lauded for their hard work.


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