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Community-Police Partnership for Peaceful & Secure Society

A public hearing program titled "Community-Police Partnership for Peaceful & Secure Society" was organized by Police Circle Durbar Marg, Kathmandu Metropolitan Ward No. 2 Office, Lazimpat and Community Police Service Center, Nil Saraswoti Sthan at Xavier Academy on 8 May 2023. Present on the dias were SSP Dan Bahadur Karki, Kathmandu Ward No. 2 President Rajendra Shrestha, Durbar Marg Police Circle Chief DSP Kopila Chudal and Dr. Prof. Sriram Bhagut Mathe. Present as the audience were local community people, students and social organizations. They discussed how they could bring peace and security to the local level. They discussed how the collaboration of community and Police would help foster a safer and more secure society.


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