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Prof. Dr. Sriram Bhagut Mathe

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle

Dear Prospective Students,

Xavier Academy (XA) is celebrating 20 years of academic excellence. Throughout these last twenty years, Aristotle’s quotation on “making excellence a habit” has inspired all of us in the college to achieve excellence in whatever we do in the college. 

Our first priority is academic excellence. We can proudly state that we have achieved this through student-oriented teaching, close monitoring of the students’ attendance and performance, regular tests, assessments and examinations, providing necessary counseling and remedial classes in a very caring environment. From the very first year of our operations in 1997, our focus on academic excellence in a caring environment has translated into the college being consistently ranked amongst the top +2 institution in the country. From 2010 onwards, our results have been outstanding, with our students securing 100% results in both science and commerce over two consecutive years. Not satisfied with this, we have improved further our teaching-learning and significantly improved all our facilities to become one of the best if not the best +2 institution in the country. We invite students to be a part of this challenging and exciting journey.

Our second and equally important priority is total personality development. Therefore, we are implementing a holistic education system, whereby our students can participate in a wide range of mandatory co-curricular, extra-curricular and social activities. Through these activities (essay-writing, elocution, debate Model United Nations, personality development, motivational classes, social service, selected sports and cultural activities), our students have discovered their potential and talent and have excelled in various inter-college competitions. I am happy to report that our students have not only taken a keen interest in debating and Model United Nations but also have excelled in these very important character-building activities. 

Above all, we are committed to producing morally upright students with character and integrity, students who love their country and will be proud of who they are, students who will make their parents, their teachers, their college and the nation proud. 

As someone, who has been teaching and managing education institutions for 42+ years, I feel very proud to have been the Founder Chairperson of NEF and XA and to be the current Executive Chairman and Principal of XA. The secret of my youthful energy and enthusiasm is my students, who inspire me to be as youthful as them.

To us, education is not profit-making venture but an invaluable service that we can render to the youth of the country. Education is certainly not a past-time but a commitment to produce a critical mass of enlightened people who will contribute to socio-economic development of the country. We believe that investment in education is the best investment we can make. It is the best service we can render to our country.

I wish to reach out to our prospective students and invite them to join me and my colleagues in an exhilarating journey to make Xavier Academy the best +2 institution in the country!


Hon'ble Umesh Shrestha

Umesh Sir 

Over the past 20 years, Xavier Academy (XA), under the aegis of Nepal Education Foundation (NEF), and over the last 6 years under the aegis of Nepal Education Foundation- Consortium of Colleges, Nepal (NEF-CCN), has been rated as one of the best +2 higher secondary institutions in Nepal. I wish to take this opportunity of thanking all, especially the students, who have contributed to the success of XA. 

The results of XA have been consistently high, with the graduating class of 2011 achieving 94.57% pass rate in Class XI and 100% in the Class 12 HSEB exams. The graduating class of 2012 achieved 95.95 % in Class Xi and 99.2% in Class XII. The graduating class of 2013 achieved 99.14% in Class XI and 98.13% in Class XII. The graduating class of 2014 achieved 98.09% in Class XI and 100% in Class XII. 

From the time that +2 institutions have been ranked nation-wise, Xavier Academy has been ranked in the top ten +2 institutions. It is a matter of pride for all of us to be associated with an institution that Is regarded by society as an education institution where academic excellence and total personality development really matter. XA is also propagating very effectively the message that it is an institution that cares. In this respect, XA is attempting to be different from other educational institutions.

I am happy that XA has always placed the students' interests first in formulating its academic programs and making decisions that affect the students' well-being. XA is fully aware that it has a corporate responsibility to produce well-rounded personalities who are able to contribute positively to societal growth and compete in this increasing globalized economic environment. As XA is ready to celebrate 20 years of academic excellence, XA is rightfully proud of its achievements over the past two decades and relishing the academic challenges of the coming years, as XA explores offering more interesting study options to the students. In this regard, I am happy that strategic partnerships with some reputed international universities have been established. XA will always continue to ensure that no compromise is made in the quality of education it is imparting.

XA is proud of its reputation and we are honored by the excellent accomplishments of our students. Over the past almost 20 years of operations, we have vigorously pursued our goal of encouraging positivity, optimism and growth. We wish to share our achievements with all our well-wishers. 

XA also symbolizes both hope and opportunity. We all live in the information age where knowledge is power. The most powerful tool we can equip our students with is quality education. Quality education is the need of the hour and we can proudly say that XA has always provided quality education. XA not only imparts quality education but also promotes all-round development of its students preparing them for successful careers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students, alumni, parents, teachers and administrative staff and senior management of XA as well as all our well-wishers for contributing to the continued success of XA.

In conclusion, I would like to welcome all those prospective students, who wish to study in Xavier Academy, and would like to assure all these students that we will continue to impart education of high quality as we have done over the past almost 20 years.