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The 10+2 level is affiliated to the Higher Secondary Board Examination (HSEB), both for the Science and Management streams.

With the cooperation of the management, teachers and students, Xavier Academy has had outstanding results. Our strategy is a simple one. We don't just seek for students to come and pass through our campus, but also to develop their individualistic skills, so that the future generation of our country is a fruitful one. Confidence is the key to ultimate success. For that we thank all of them.

Academic Program

Higher Secondary Management

In the higher secondary level, Xavier Academy offers morning shift.
Subjects taught are: English, Nepali, Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Business Mathematics.

Higher Secondary Science

In the higher secondary level, Xavier Academy offers two shifts, one morning, one day.
Subjects taught are: English, Nepali, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Other Programs

Besides the yearly final exam, Xavier Academy also takes three internal exams, making sure that each individual student prepares him/herself mentally. Not only that, we also have assessment weeks and class tests, based on the requirements of that particular level. Students with difficulties in a particular subject matter, have the freedom to be tutored by our teachers on an individually. Xavier Academy, after each term paper, finds it essential to give a report to the parents, not just on paper but also on spoken basis, on both academics as well as on overall student behavior.